Frequently asked question

Where can I find Réghalal products?

Réghalal products are available from most of your superstores and in your local supermarkets.

What guarantees do you give as to the “halal” nature of your products?

The wide range of Réghalal products (Poultry, Catering, Cooked and cured meats) is certified by the Evry Courcouronnes mosque. All our halal poultry is slaughtered according to the Muslim rites by slaughterers.
Réghalal has also implemented an internal quality charter in order to guarantee the halal nature of your products.

How can I get coupons?

Register on “Réghalal & you” on You will then be able to download coupons to use on our wide range of Réghalal products!

Where are your products manufactured?

All our products are made in France using modern production tools approved by the Evry Courcouronnes mosque. We have been making some of our halal products for over ten years, which means that we are well aware of the requirements for this market.

I want to make a comment on your products.
Who should I contact?

Don’t hesitate to leave your comments. We will get back in touch with you. Just leave us a message in the suggestion box and your contact details on the form

I would like to sell your products. Who should I contact?

We have complete lines of products adapted to different sizes of store and types of customer. Leave us your contact details so that we can get in touch and answer you as quickly as possible.

Do you export?

We sell our products on the French market and are also present on a few international markets.